I like earrings so that is what I concentrate on making using repurposed, recycled metals. Reusing discarded remnants of sheet metal, copper pipe, pieces of old tins can be very rewarding when you are responsible for it’s transformation into something quite beautiful and timeless.

My earrings are cut by hand from recycled sheet and beaten metal fashioned into organic leaf and geometric shapes for drops that are embossed with patterns from punches handmade using old iron nails or broken files.

There are many processes of doming, punching, embossing and patinating, creating deep textural colours of reds and bronzes. All the metal is lacquered to prevent scratching and discolouration then mounted on surgical steel or sterling silver ear wires.

We choose jewellery that speaks to us or says a little bit about who we are and these earrings will definately reveal your green and conscious self while also looking fabulous!