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a little background info


Once when I was holidaying in Barcelona as a child walking down the Rambla with my family I stopped to watch a street artist fashion things from tin cans and sell his produce on the street. It was like magic to me at that young age and I had to see if I could do it too and so I began to make what I had seen the street artist do and even found I could sell them. Years later after completeing a two year extended diploma at Exeter College I decided rather than enter into further education I would persue my own path to see where it would lead. Recycling, caring about our environment and using sustainable products are such major concerns that I began to think about those tin cans again and how I could use them to create something of my own. After many failed ideas I had a eureka moment.....I would create a range of jewellery. 



The main materials for my jewellery are discarded drinks cans, plastics and glass, upcycled chain, findings and beads from old jewellery turning trash to treasure. However felting is another fascination for me and I have developed a range of felt vessels using merino wool in an array of funky colour combinations. These are made using the wet felting technique over a mould, layering, building and manipulating the wool until the vessel takes body and form.

inspiration & motivation


I love colour, inspiration comes when handling a particular tin or when collecting soft vibrant wool skeins together playing with contrasting and complementary colours, size and form. I like to match and missmatch the earrings playing with the composition as I cut up tins and surround myself with the fragments of abstracted colour and graphics. As pieces evolve other techniques are applied to embellish the surface of the tin by punching, embossing and sanding. There is deep motivation fabricating something fine that has worth from something that has outlived it's primary use and been thrown away.


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